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Product Specifications:

Colour: Black

Material: foam ball, PU leather rope, silicone handle

Category: Golf Trainer

Applicable objects: adults, teenagers

Product size: length 98cm

Weight: 145g

Packing: bag

Packing list: Physical fitness rope X1


1 This swing trainer is very powerful and useful for training swing rhythm and power release.

2 Able to correct the balance of the body and improve the flexibility of the body, which is essential for golf.

3 Helps to quickly perform effective warm-up exercises, deepen muscle memory, achieve efficient exercise volume, and find strength points.

4 1:1 proportional foam balls, make it less prone to injury during training, and the silicone textured grip is ergonomically designed to resist sweat and slip. PU textile leather rope is strong, firm and tough.

5 This swing fitness rope is very light and practical, and can be used by adults and teenagers, both at home and outdoors.


Physical fitness rope X1

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